Count me as a believer! after finding no flow thru the upper radiator hose by inserting a piece of clear hose, then gutting the thermostat which seems to be the original cause of the overheating/exhaust in the cooling system
problem I used Thermogasket cleaner & then 2 part sealer drove the vehicle at 60-70 mph on I-95 for 20 miles. now no overheating and/or bubbles in the cooling system! You guys saved me $1200 to $1800 in major repairs. Thanks ever so much for your product & tech support assurance. hope this lasts.

Gene S
1997 Pontiac Sunfire
Vero Beach, Florida


Dear ThermaGasket,

A short success story.

My radiator blew and my car (1973 Ford LTD- 400 V8)) overheated back in Sept 2012. I rebuilt the upper end with new head gaskets and such. Unfortunately- I never took the heads in to have them inspected. The rebuild resulted in steam coming out the tail-pipe. Not as much- but still steam. Was it the heads or the block or new gasket?

I asked a lot of questions, friends, mechanics. And I did on-line research. Of all the products I decided to try your ThermaGasket. The web site and stories were really well written/documented. Actually talking to one of your representatives also put me at ease to have confidence this product will work.

Order: Wow! I ordered your product and it was on my doorstep in 2 days. Fantastic service.

A family situation delayed me a few weeks to go through the easy steps to see if my heads/gasket would seal. I finally did the whole process Saturday Nov 3rd. Wow- that was easy. And it worked!!!! No costly 're-re-build' on this engine. I have a short video I'll post on YouTube as some time permits in a day or so and share it with you also. Can't say enough thanks to your product and staff for their great customer service.

Thanks! :):)


I bought a cream puff of a 1998 Cadillac Deville. Only 117K on it. The original owners son was selling it, but it had overheated he said. We test drove it, bought it and drove home some 50 miles. No issues with my wife driving 40 miles round trip to work. Then I drove it for a short trip and it overheated. I thought it was leaking from the heater hoses and my big Fred Flintstone hands wouldn't fit in that little area so I took it to a well known Caddy repair shop in North Atlanta. System pressure tested fine but the hydrocarbon test came back at 750, ZERO is normal they said. $3700 to replace the head gaskets, ouch. I started researching and no one seemed to have the true FIX. rxauto.com was the real place, sent email and actually got a response and they told me to call them. Really, a true customer/technical support person? I talked to Dave and got the Northstar kit and FOLLOWED the direction, you don't know how hard for me that was. The wife made sure I read and re-read the directions. It took my Deville 65 minutes to get all the anti-freeze out. I did everything the direction said and off on the first drive I went with cell phone in hand. Nothing, no overheating, no stalls, no water leakage. WOW is all I can say. The Jeep video seemed like a farce but it was true!!!! I have seen 3 Cadillacs on the side of the road, overheated, in the last 2 weeks and I stop and tell them, "RXAUTO.COM"

Ernie, a true ThermaGasket believer.


Hello, just bought your product about over a week ago. had a little bit of water in the oil, and when I would start up my vehicle after its been sitting for a long period it would run real rough for about a minute (I think water in cylinder). about a year ago I purchased some head gasket repair for $30 from Kragens, I did have steam coming from the tailpipe after using product it stopped. but after about 6 months starting running rough and using alot of water and antifreeze. I just used Thermagasket and followed all the directions and WOW!! my expedition is running awsome. No rough startups and running real smooth. not using up water or antifreeze either. I am very pleased with your product and thank you. I've told alot of my friends about thermagasket. Thanks again for a great product.


I'm writing to tell you how Thermagasket solved the blown head gasket problem in my wife's \97 Ford Escort. It had steam clouds pouring from the
tailpipe, and barely idled. After removing the thermostat and flushing the engine five times with clear water, I applied half of the Thermagasket
contents to the radiator. Within 15 minutes of starting the engine, the steam clouds slowly abated, and the idle returned to a steady purr. That was over a year ago. No problems with the head gasket since. This stuff truly works!